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Bella vita


our best tours

Curieuse full day

Curieuse, St. Pierre and BBQ  90 €



Cousin and Curieuse

Cousin und Curieuse, St.Pierre with BBQ 140 €


Curieuse an St.Pierre

Curieuse an St.Pierre halfday 75 €

Coco, Felicite, Sister, (Ave Maria) + Anse la Farine + BBQ

140 €

Coco, Felicite + La Digue + bicycle tour

Coco, Felicite + La Digue + bicycle tour  100 €

Big Game Fishing

half day fishing tour

450 €

touring with snorkeling

Who wants to spend a lot of time on the boat, as well as in the water, can choose from our snorkeling tours.

We have compiled these on this offer page.
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We drive with you to the most beautiful places to present you the unique underwater world.

guest reviews:

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charter your privat boat

half day  450 €

full day: 650 €

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